Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thats How They Do It

Building new apartments (like they need them). This place is jam packed with apartments and buildings, but very little parking.  Everything is built with Concrete here. Wood is expensive and hard to come by.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mommy, Can I Have One

This is called a Bakalla, it is like a mini convenient store. They sell all kinds of food items, cigarettes, newspapers and of course alot of cheap toys. They decorate the outside of the store with all these toys, to attract the kids. Since the people here seemed to have lost the ability to tell their children NO, it brings in business.
You can just pull up to the curb and honk your horn, and a man will come out to ask what you want. Then he will go in and get it for you and bring it out. Very convenient for some one like me wo has small children, but it is mostly for the lazy, there are alot of them here.  This really brings in business. They even deliver.
Michael allways asks for a toy, but I have definately not lost my ability to tell my children NO.

Friday, January 29, 2010

"If the Moon Stays up Till Morning One Day"

Well in this case "If the moon comes up before the sun goes down" 
I love the book "The Night You Where Born" and every time I see the moon during the day I think of this book.  It seem that lately it has been out everyday. around 4 pm it shows up. It is amazing to think that I am looking at the same moon that is shining over most of my family and friends in the US, While they are sleeping.

Make Up Day, Thursday

In this picture you see the speed limit. 120 Kilometers per hour, but it really is a suggestion here. The average speed in any of the three lanes is 120 but you can easily get behind someone doing 60, or get flashed by someone coming up behind you doing 160-180. Remind me to post a picture of what is a common consequence of the two drastic differences.
And the boat, Not sure why it is there but it has been there for as long as I have been here.

This is me, in the line of traffic at the off ramp, and this is on a good day!

Make Up Day, Wednesday

okay so I have been taking pictures just haven't had the time to post them I will try to catch up.

Our neighbors yard, called a garden.. It really is something in this desert. Especially since most houses don't have them.

The front of our house (we live on the third floor). And Hussein, the Heirress.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Born December 13, 2009

Driving in Kuwait

I finally took the camera out with me to get some pictures. I was hoping to get some of the gulf, the water is actually quite pretty on a clear day, but as you can tell it wasn't clear.
No, that is not fog, or smog, that my friends, is SAND! Also known as a dust storm. this is a very mild one, but enought to leave a layer of fine sand all over the car.